Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner

While we are away from our family we had plenty of people at our house this year. Names as follow:(in family groups)
Theo, Stephaine, Cheyenne, and Wyatt
Jenni, Aj, Aaron, Brandon, Tracie
Aj, Julie, Katie
Katie,& Tyler
Matt,& Megan
Dustin,& His girl ( I totally don't remember her name)(Dustin asked her to marry him)
Lisa,& Robert

While the food was Great and there was enough people to make the house echo we all had a blast. Talked, kinds watched the football games that were on then we got the the Guitar Heroes out and then we got the Wii out and played games. we had people here till after midnight. I will post pictures later. Hope that all of you had a great turkey day also

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