Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yesterday was Theo's birthday and we had a theme going he has always loved the movie the PUNISHER and when I saw it at walmart i had to have it, I also found a t-shirt that had the same symbol on it I thought to myself why not and then while making the cake the second round one did not come out of the pan the way it should have and there for broke to far to save so I imper-vised and made the skeleton looking cake to follow the theme of the presents. The kids and I took the cake and his gift and subway sandwiches to him while he was at work the kids had a blast. So another birthday has come and gone and he is still just fine

Monday, October 27, 2008

Cheyenne's big day

Sunday October 25,2008
Cheyenne had her first primary program she did awesome. There are 3 sunbeams in her class and they all got up to sing I am a child of God and she was the only one that you could hear singing. She also had a part she had to say " the prophet teaches ME about heavenly father" and she did it all by her self. The last couple weeks before the program she kept saying that she was scared and the she was to shy to do it. but she was a great trooper and she did it. the best part was that even though her daddy had to work he was able to leave for a bit and see her do it.

Friday, October 24, 2008

How we became a family

Theo James Penfold
Stephanie Nicole Oakes
November 24 2001

We met at Meridian High in the year of 1994 our freshman year we had zero hour Seminary together and we became friends/acquittance's at the time. the year flew by and Me, Stephanie ended up going to Eagle High when it was built. We saw each other over the years at Wrestling matches. Then in August of 1999 we met yet again at the Caldwell night rodeo. I was behind the bucking chutes whit some friend and the Justin boots sports medicine group when the fence I was sitting on shook real hard and I began to fall, coming down with my fist clenched (this falling thing had happened earlier in the evening when a buddy of mine ad done it to me and the other girls I told him i would come down swinging if he did again) I stopped mid swing seeing who was there we went out that night and that started it all. So in other words you could say I fell for him.LOL