Sunday, November 1, 2009

a life lost but never forgotten

Today I learned that a friend was lost..... gone from this earth but not forgotten. Hard to express the words of love and regret of not getting to see her again, but know this the love for her will never die....... Katie I love you and will miss so much enjoy your paradise you will see your babies again and your hubby will be by your side again:)

first halloween in hawaii

Well we had our first halloween in Hawaii and the kids made out like bandits We had a blast carving pumpkins.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

An update long time comming

Well we have made it to Hawaii and are loving it so much. the kids are getting good at swimming with help and loving the water more then they did before. So sorry that I have been a miss on updating this thing so please don't hold it against me. we can blame it on the SUN SURF AND SAND. love all of you more to come

Friday, March 6, 2009

we made it

Well we have made it to hawaii and are loving it here we have seen the zoo and the sea life park where the kids got to feed sea turtles, watch doplhind and sea lions prform, they loved it. we do not have our house yet but will by the end of march

love ay all

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Kids Christmas party at Theo's work
The kids had lost of fun they had put bubble wrap on the floor for the kids to pop. I saw more adults fall on their butts walking across the bubble wrap.
They also had big rolls of brown paper for he kids to color on. They had crafts, Cheyenne made a reindeer out of a candy cane she made reindeer hat. I tried to get Wyatt do them also but he did not want to so I just did them for him.
They got to see Santa and Cheyenne did very well he gave her a set of Pom Poms. Wyatt was not at all pleased he stated to cry but I stood behind the camera guy and he stopped just a bit he got a blue teddy bear.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner

While we are away from our family we had plenty of people at our house this year. Names as follow:(in family groups)
Theo, Stephaine, Cheyenne, and Wyatt
Jenni, Aj, Aaron, Brandon, Tracie
Aj, Julie, Katie
Katie,& Tyler
Matt,& Megan
Dustin,& His girl ( I totally don't remember her name)(Dustin asked her to marry him)
Lisa,& Robert

While the food was Great and there was enough people to make the house echo we all had a blast. Talked, kinds watched the football games that were on then we got the the Guitar Heroes out and then we got the Wii out and played games. we had people here till after midnight. I will post pictures later. Hope that all of you had a great turkey day also