Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner

While we are away from our family we had plenty of people at our house this year. Names as follow:(in family groups)
Theo, Stephaine, Cheyenne, and Wyatt
Jenni, Aj, Aaron, Brandon, Tracie
Aj, Julie, Katie
Katie,& Tyler
Matt,& Megan
Dustin,& His girl ( I totally don't remember her name)(Dustin asked her to marry him)
Lisa,& Robert

While the food was Great and there was enough people to make the house echo we all had a blast. Talked, kinds watched the football games that were on then we got the the Guitar Heroes out and then we got the Wii out and played games. we had people here till after midnight. I will post pictures later. Hope that all of you had a great turkey day also

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Leaves and more leaves, we have bagged leaves more then once this year and we still have a ton. Cheyenne asked me if her and Wyatt could play in the leaves, so i got out the rake and got started while I was raking Wyatt go the idea that he need to start helping by picking up the leaves and throwing them, but of course the was not picking up the ones that were on the ground but the ones I had already put in to a pile. They had a blast the were laughing so hard. I was kicking the leaves so that they would fly up around them and they thought it was a blast.

Horsing Around

Theo and I were having just as much fun as the kids were. We crawled around the house with the kids on our backs and every so often we would fall down and tell the kids that they broke the horse. Then after a bit Wyatt got up on his sister and said yeeee haw. We have been working on some new phrases for him and the was one of them.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Washing dad's truck While they had a blast I am not sure if the truck or the kids had more bubbles on them when the job was all done. They both had to be striped at the door because they were both drenched head to toe.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

our halloween

The kids had a blast. I made their costumes this year and had fun doing it. We hit 2 different trunk or treats this year and then a haunted house that was put on by one of the boy scouts leaders. this being the first year that Wyatt understood what was going on he got the idea quickly he held his bucket out to every one he passed. Cheyenne loved seeing the people she knew and see the different costumes that she knew the ones that she did not know who or what they were she asked. One of the couples from church where dressed like Popeye and Olive oil and she had no idea who they were so i have decided i have not done my job in the cartoon department i am going to have to fine some of the old cartoons and teach her who is who.